Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Mitsubishi 20.5 x 48 Hand Pallet Jack

5,500lbs / 2,500kgs

This hand pallet truck has been engineered to provide long-lasting strength and versatility. View the features below to see what this pallet truck has to offer.

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20.5 in x 48 in / 6.3 Fork Width

5,500lbs / 2,500kgs

Ergonomic Handle

With a neutral setting for simple maneuvering and a return spring that brings the handle back to the upright position when let go, the ergonomic handle is effective in decreasing fatigue and increasing continuous productivity.

Mitsubishi Feature

One-Piece Pump

The one-piece pump, made from high quality cast iron, focuses on reducing product jarring and ensuring a longer pump life with a controlled lowering rate valve and a chrome-plated piston. Polyurethane seals are used at high pressure points to increase the speed of load lifting.

Mitsubishi Feature

High Quality Wheels

The low rolling resistance polyurethane wheels on each hand pallet truck provide smooth maneuvering and steering, ensuring easy entrances and exits.

Mitsubishi Feature

Rugged Design & Quality Construction

Mitsubishi Specs
  • The frame features temperature-controlled steel, robotic welds that increase material strength and are combined with a powder coating for more demanding jobs.
  • Twisting while lifting heavy loads is prevented by adjustable pushrods on the reinforced C-channel forks, while the combination of steel entry brackets and rollers ensure durability and entry ease.
  • A reduced height of 2.9 inches offers easier pallet entry and exit.
  • Eight grease fittings focus on providing essential moving parts and load points access to continuous lubrication which increases the life of your hand pallet truck.

Our Warranty

Every new hand pallet truck is covered by a six-month warranty that includes parts. Combined with our one-year pump warranty, you’ll have assurance and peace of mind that comes with owning our hand pallet truck.

  • Six Month Parts Warranty
  • One Year Pump Warranty
Mitsubishi Warranty